We All Need Our Space Sometimes…

As college students, I know we have all had to deal with the struggle of finding ourselves while perhaps dealing with a difficult roommate. I know that I have had quite a few interesting growing experiences in my three and a half years here at Baylor, and I am the better for them. What has helped me through the difficult times is having the option between an immediate and nonimmediate space in which to choose to spend my time.

With living with roommates comes forced immediacy, which is often invited at first, then becomes forced, until you absolutely drive each other bananas! According to Richmond in Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Relations, “aspects of the physical environment can have a major influence on social interaction” (203). That is why, when choosing a place to live, most of us choose apartments where we have our own space, our own room, a nonimmediate environment. A nonimmediate environment is “designed to afford privacy” (203). Although there is the option to spend your time in the immediate area of the house or apartment, such as the living room, kitchen, etc, you also have the option of spending time in your own, private, shut off, nonimmediate area.

I believe that as human beings we need both immediate and nonimmediate spaces in order to be happy. Although each person has their own preference, I think it is most healthy to have a balanced amount of time in each space. I know that when I have had too much alone time or too much people time, I start to feel unbalanced. What are some of your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “We All Need Our Space Sometimes…

  1. Nice Blog. I agree with your comment about needing the perfect balance. Sometimes ill just get up and go to Wal Mart just so that I can get away from my roommate, on the other hand sometimes i can be around him for a whole day without a problem. I think it just goes to show how important it is to have a nonimmediate environment and privacy available to you.

  2. Katie, I definitely agree with your thoughts on people needing immediate and nonimmediate areas in order to be happy. One of my roommates and I have lived together for 3 years now; the first year we had separate rooms, the next we shared, and now we each have our own rooms again. We get along a lot better when we have our own rooms!
    I think this is because now when we spend time in the same space talking it is because we want to, not because we have to. When you are with someone all the time in the same space it increases immediacy in an unnatural way. Having separate areas allows you to let immediacy grow in a slower more comfortable rate.

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