I am so excited about today! I have been waiting for Friday to get here since, well, Monday, and it seems to have really taken it’s time. But alas, Friday is finally here!

Why, you may ask, am I so thrilled for this day? Well friends, allow me to tell you.
Reasons I have been looking forward to today, Friday, August 27, 2010:
1) It’s Friday, the day work is put on pause and fun with friends begins!
2) I have a job interview today! Although the thought of another interview is a little intimidating and makes me nervous, I am excited nonetheless because I think it will be worth it. This is a job that I really really want, and have been working extra hard for, so hopefully, at the end of this day, I will have achieved that goal! And achieving goals gives you such a good feeling!
3) I am going to spray paint a shelf and hang it in the bathroom upstairs. Call me crazy, but I love doing little projects like this. And ever since the boys went back to school, my mom has let me have freedom in femenining up the upstairs. I’m pretty sure I made up a new verb there (femenining)… I hope that you will forgive my creative brain for taking liberty with the English language. Anyways, I can’t wait to get this accomplished. Plus, I loveee Lowe’s. It’s my favorite store after Target and JCrew. Can’t get enough of that home improvement!
4) Boyfriend is visiting today!! Since he is at school and I am home, we are doing long distance. For that I’ll give a big, sarcastic “woohoo.” Blah, long distance is not my thing but I’m excited about a lot of aspects of it and positives that will come of it, and I am especially excited for today because he is coming to visit! Can’t wait to see you, Adam!

Well, that is about it for excitements for the day… I hope your days are as fun-filled as mine! And if not, just wait, because tomorrow is SATURDAY!



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