Pragmatic vs. Passionate

As may be true of many of my sex, I am not always the most practical, down-to-earth sort of girl. Sometimes I have my head up in the clouds in fairytale world where hearts are always mended and dreams never fail to come true. I always assume that people will do the right thing, make the right choice, and have the best intentions at heart. I believe in prince charmings and making wishes at 11:11 and smiling at strangers. However, the iffy market brought me down to face the fact: If I want a job sooner rather than later, I am going to have to settle for doing something other than my passion, which is writing. I discovered this harsh reality on October 16, 2009 while spending fall break at home with my family. I was a senior at Baylor, not ready for the smelly truth. And trust me, it stunk.

Since that icky day I have summoned countless ideas for a new passion. For a while I wanted to go to law school, I even went so far as taking the LSAT. Then, I decided I wanted to do Marketing. Duh, I would be great at marketing! I love people, I am interested in the subject, and it involves a little bit of writing… perfect? Then I ditched that idea and figured I should get my MBA just in case I end up in the big business world.

After brainstorming a bazillion ideas (and coming back to a few), applying for a ton of jobs online, and getting really frustrated, I decided to take a step back. As my boyfriend always tells me, I need to make a decision and stick with it.

This is a public statement from me, throwing out what may be most pragmatic, and choosing my passion: writing.

So, here I go. Follow me on my adventure!



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