Joey Tribbiani Syndrome

Random post of the day:

Friends on TBS. Yes, I know, it is an ancient television show, but I can’t help it– I’m addicted! As I was watching an episode of Friends last night while going to sleep, I had an epiphany. I am just like Joey Tribbiani! I mean, besides the obvious differences: he’s a boy, I’m a girl; he’s an actor, I’m a writer; he has about a million relationships at a time, I only have one; he is kind of a doofus, I… well, no, that one we have in common… 🙂

Anyways, my point is that both Joey and I are making the decision to follow our dreams, even if it means sacrificing a few luxuries along the way. I have what I dub to be “Joey Tribbiani Syndrome,” and that thought really gets me excited!

Thanks for listening to my random thought of the day!



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