Nalgene bottles and self-help books

Goooood morning world! I’ve gotten a great start this morning. I woke up (barely), did a sort of zombie walk downstairs, ate a piece of dry toast with a delicious scrambled egg, and swiped the last bit of coffee from the pot. Now I am sitting on my bed with my computer, a full nalgene bottle, and my self-help book. I am currently reading “What Color is Your Parachute? 2010” by Richard N. Bolles, which tells me what people “in my position” should be doing with themselves (hence the full nalgene bottle and healthy breakfast). Sound pathetic? It’s not, I promise!

Besides my occasional struggle swallowing the author’s unique use of grammar (but who am I to talk?), I have enjoyed reading  this colorful book. I will do a full book review when I finish, but in the meantime, allow me to share with you a few interesting points that Mr. Bolles emphasizes.

Although I already knew that I was not alone in this rejection-happy economy, it felt nice to hear some numbers on just how un-alone I really am. According to Mr. Bolles’ findings, “as of June 2009, the number of people out of work totaled at least 14,500,000 individuals.” WOW! And that was 2009… I wonder what 2010’s numbers look like?

I also appreciated the author sharing the list of “Seven Rules for Choosing or Changing Careers.” Just what I, and perhaps you as well, need! Here are the 3 rules that stuck out to me the most:

Rule #1) Go for any career that seems interesting or even fascinating to you. But first talk to people who are already doing that work…
Rule #3) You do better to start with yourself and what you want, rather than with the job-market, and what’s “hot.” The difference is the “enthusiasm” or “passion.”
Rule #5) The more time you give the choosing, the better your choice is going to be. There is a penalty for seeking “quick and dirty” fixes.

So there we go! After reading that, I am reading to rock n’ roll. Thank you Mr. Bolles!



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