More rain, more coffee, more writing

You know those kind of days when most people say, “this is a perfect day to relax and watch movies?” Well, I’m changing the saying to “this is a perfect day to relax and write.”

The mixed roar and splat of  wind and rain fill my bedroom through the clear piece of wall that allows me to see outside. The grass filling the tiny space between our house and the neighbor’s is basking in the downpour, reaching up into the heavens to gulp this rare, precious gift of rain. The scent of my specialty coffee fills my nostrils as I sit under the covers of my bed, watching the rain and writing. My cat, Sugar, sleeps peacefully as I tap-tap on the keyboard until we are both distracted by the sound of my mom on the phone a room away. She asks her sister in Coppell, “you floatin’ away over there?” After the initial noisy, abrupt chatter, she falls into a quieter murmur of conversation and Sugar and I get back to our business. This is my writing environment today.

A friend of my mom’s was listening to KLTY yesterday morning and heard about this writing conference in Keller, so I checked into it. It’s the North Texas Christian Writers Conference and takes place next weekend, September 17-18. For more information go to It looks super exciting; I think I’m going to go!

Last night I went with an old friend to a Bible study at my church and it was extremely refreshing. You see, I get a little down in the dumps around 1 in the afternoon. Don’t think I’m little miss positive all day long just because I usually write my blog in the morning when I have had my coffee and am excited about the day. Nope, around 1 or 2 o’clock my back starts aching, my head hurts, I want a nap, I want to abandon my post and graze the kitchen, and I think, “What in the world am I doing? I can’t write. Nobody wants to read my stuff. I’ll never get published. I suck.” Yup, that’s what goes on in my head until 5 when I let myself rest for the day. But that Bible study really helped me reorganize my perspective on what I’m doing. We are reading this book called The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns, the President of World Vision. You should pick it up. His story is fascinating!

Well, that’s all I have for you now. Have a happy rainy afternoon!



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