I LOVE the word “hodgepodge.” Try saying it out loud. It’s so fun! I’ll bet you all think I do a hodgepodge of things that lead nowhere but my hope is that as the number of things I try goes up, so will my chances of making some sort of living. Then I could move out on my own, build a career… exciting! But until then I think I will just sit right here on the couch, watch the Minnesota/New Orleans game with my parents, and talk to you guys about what all I did today!

Today I found two really cool websites and learned a lot from each of them.

1) freelancejobopenings.com: This is potentially a very cool website with links to job descriptions specifically for freelancers. It sounds good so far… we’ll see how it turns out.

2) facebookforfreelancers.com: A group on Facebook where both new and professional freelancers discuss tips, trials, and successes with one another. There are also a few freelance job postings here (which I promptly checked into).

I applied for a lot of writing and copyediting positions today which was kind of encouraging. As my mom says, “you’ve gotta apply in order to get a job” (kind of obvious, I know, but you would be surprised at the number of people I’ve heard get all fussy about not having a job when they have hardly applied to any).

I also got a few odd-jobs: teaching private tennis lessons for a woman and her two kids, teaching a few small tennis camps, copyediting a book of a friend’s dad, who is hoping to get it published soon, and I agreed to do a follow-up piece for my supervisor from my last internship. Woohoo, I feel productive!

But I saved the super exciting news for last. I’ve got a meeting with an editor at D Magazine on Tuesday!! I am going to ask her all the questions I can think of about the publishing business. And of course, I am going to stock up on all the advise she can give me. I love D! I’m so excited!

Goodnight, talk to you soon!



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