Minchew Consulting

Greetings all! I got home from Bible study earlier than I expected because the plan was to run afterwards… until it started storming (oh darn). I’m not even going to mention that I have a treadmill at home and could run if I really wanted to. I’m terrible!

So thanks to rainy Tuesday night I am sitting on my bed in my favorite PJs talking to you all. I have so much to tell you! Today was a big day. I met with Krista from D Magazine to ask her questions about the biz. It was a blast. I’ll tell you all about it after I ask her permission, just in case. Other than that, I applied as a Legislative Assistant for a campaign, emailed a TON of people to piece together some connection that might be useful, and tweaked my resume and cover letter over and over again to apply for a bunch of different internships and jobs.

Does anyone else feel like they have about a billion different resumes and cover letters? I change mine every time I apply for a different position. What’s with that?

I’m pretty exhausted from my busy day and need to get some rest so I can do some work for “Minchew Consulting” (as my brothers and I fondly call it) bright n’ early in the morning. Paint the doors, maintain the pool, hoe the side garden… anyone want to volunteer to help? Bright side: maybe I’ll get a tan. I have discovered that writers rarely see the sun. Maybe I should look for a job in the pool boy/girl or lawn business. Eh… maybe not…



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