Bug spray and other excitements

I’m sitting out here in the beautiful Texas evening on the back patio with my dad. It’s all business here, baby. He’s on a business call with someone in China or something, and I am blogging. We have the bug spray between us. Mosquitos are the only negative in this scene, and thanks to whatever scent we both put out makes us extremely susceptible to their latching onto us with their tiny bloodsucking straws attached to their large buzzing bodies. Gross.

But that is tonight. The rest of the day was a little less peaceful… in a good way. I started a project that I never in a million years thought I would ever begin. (Sidenote, one of the guys on my dad’s call is called “Y-Y” and another one is “Flow.” How sweet is that?! And it’s hilarious to hear my dad say their names in his low, serious, businesslike voice. I seriously can’t stop grinning.) Anyhow, today I met with Mr. Bill, an incredible guy with an incredible amount of knowledge that he has accumulated over his years. He is brilliant. And he has written large portions of several books and one nearly finished book and he wants me to help him edit it and work to get it published! I am beside myself excited. I’m one of those dorky nerdy types who gets excited about the writing process. I actually got goosebumps when he handed me a portion of the manuscript to take home. I can’t tell y’all anything else, but these books are going to be amazing! I’ll let you know when they are released so you can rush out and soak up the knowledge he has released into the world. Incredible!

Other exciting news: My mamaw is in town! She has been staying with my aunt in Coppell but she stopped by to spend the day with my mom and me. I have been running around all day– going to that meeting for the book and then teaching back to back tennis lessons– but I’m so glad that I at least get to see her. She is the cutest mamaw in the world. Sassy, southern, and sophisticated. I love it. 🙂

Having said that, I’m going to go back inside and hang out with her a bit more before she returns to Coppell. Buenos noches!



2 thoughts on “Bug spray and other excitements

  1. There was a HUGE Roach in my bathroom the other day… disgusting. Needless to say, they came and sprayed our house.

    PS I have been reading your blog everyday…

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