busy busy busy

Ah, I have not written in a million years (as my mamaw pointed out to my mom over the phone the other evening)! It’s so true. I feel like the worst blogger ever. Alright, enough with the self guilt trip and on to more important things, like what I’ve been up to lately!
As I mentioned a while ago, I have been meeting with Mr. Bill three times a week to help him get into the publishing world. He’s got a ton of great material and I’m helping him write queries, proposals, and start getting words on paper so that when an agent or publisher becomes interested, we will be ready to send material right away. It’s actually extremely exciting and has helped me decide what I want to do “when I grow up.” Ever since I started working with Mr. Bill, I have been looking up literary agencies and publishing houses, trying to get an interview that could possibly lead to a job. No luck so far. Of course.
I’m looking into both magazines and book publishers but how in the world am I supposed to get a job in that field? I mean, I really can’t find a positive in wanting to work in that industry besides I would get to do what I love. A) The book/newspaper/magazine industry is in deep, deep decline. B) Because the industry is in decline, companies are downsizing, not looking for new hires. C) Because of the decline, if I did land a job in that industry, my job security would probably be horrible. I wish I could find a sliver of hope in all this muck!
So now I’m left to make a pretty big decision. Should I continue following this passion into a potentially gloomy job market, or should I try to switch it up… again? Maybe this little gig with Mr. Bill will help me get a job, especially if he hits it big!
Oh, funny story: today, Mr. Bill called me his “Book Doctor.” I didn’t really know what to think of that term but was kind of proud, thinking, “maybe that’s what all the legit editors and writers call themselves.” Excited, I came home and told my mom and she started cracking up. In a smooth, low, try-to-be-sexyish voice she said, “it sounds like “The Love Doctor” or “Dr. Love.” HAHAHA that is NOT how I want to be thought of– a sly wanna-be. Just think of me introducing myself at a nice work dinner, “Hi, I’m Katie Minchew, Ph.D. a.k.a. “The Book Doctor,” but I prefer the title “Book Doc.”… “Oh, no, I don’t really have a Ph.D…” Can you say PHONY!?
Anyways, thought you might get a kick out of that story. I’ll try to think of a better title for myself so I can give Mr. Bill a good alternative. 🙂

Have a great day!



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