super duper exciting stuff

Welllllp, I suppose it is about time for me to write another blog post. I can’t believe it is already November! I have been living at home for about 13 weeks and am finally settling in. I am what I would call a slow adjuster. Against expert advice of many friends and family members, I still am not a big fan of change. In fact, not only am I not a fan of change, I flat-out hate it and fight it. Not the best quality to have, but in order to change my dislike of change, I would have to change myself… hmm, sounds complicated. Anyways, I have adjusted well to living with the parents and am now quite content. Last Thursday morning I was talking to Bill (the guy I am helping get published) about my frustration with living at home and he brought up a good point. In “the olden days” in America, and currently in almost every other country around the world, kids live with their parents at least until they are married. In other countries, even after people are married, it is not strange for three or four generations to live together to help raise all the children and stuff. Therefore, I am not doing anything out of the ordinary by living with the rents during this time in my life. Phew! Bill is so wise. Good thing I get to talk to a therapist for free three times a week! 😉

Since I have written last, so much has changed. I am still helping Bill three times a week but now we have moved from writing proposals and queries to writing and editing his actual first book. So exciting! During my afternoons I either write freelance for Katie Cook (my old supervisor during the internship at Seeds of Hope in Waco), or I work on writing or administration projects for a lady I recently met who owns two really cool companies. In the evenings I still coach tennis for a few hours–my favorite thing in the whole wide world! I love my kiddos! 🙂 Oh yeah, and I’m still taking the Spanish class on Mondays (yuck).

Now… drumroll please…

The most exciting news is that I might have a really incredible opportunity coming my way in the form of medical sales. My uncle connected me with the CEO of a medical sales company and yesterday I met with him and his colleague to discuss a possible employment opportunity. It would be unbelievably challenging, but also extremely rewarding. For quite a while now I have known I wanted to help people in some way but didn’t know in what way God was calling me to do that. Medical sales with this company might be it. Please pray for me and for my future and that God will make the right path perfectly clear and bright so that I will choose it. I would be selling stuff so a mom with a baby can keep her arm and hold her newborn instead of having it amputated, and equipment that will help surgeons save lives. Too cool. I just hope I am up to the challenge because if I get the position, I am going to have to adopt a whole new lifestyle. I am so excited!!

A lot of cool stuff is happening in my life and I am [slowly] learning how to be patient and wait on God’s timing. Thanks for listening, and please keep me in your prayers!



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