training: day one

Just had my first training session and am on my way to being ready to run a competitive 5k this Thanksgiving morning. Here I come Turkey Trot! Heather and I ran a mile, walked a bit, then ran/walked 5.3 more miles. Hot-diggity-dog!

Yeah, soooo I would now like to go off on a strange tangent. See, the race is called the Turkey Trot, which everyone knows, but when people shorten it, the call it “the trot,” which really bothers me. Maybe it’s from growing up with two brothers and all of their friends; maybe it’s because I watch too much tv… regardless, when I hear the word “trot,” I don’t exactly think of a race. Well, that’s enough of that.

I wish I could think of something witty to leave you with so this blog post didn’t end on me talking about “the trots.” Yuck. But I cannot think of anything, so here’s an entertaining video I watched on YouTube with Heather today:



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