the adventures of the three brothers

Here is the start of a little story. I’m going to write the plot now and then think of the conflict and write more later. Conflict is always the hardest part for me! If you have any imput, feel free to comment. Okay, here we go.

“The Adventures of the Three Brothers”

The three brothers were very close. Well, actually, it was two brothers and one sister but she always had been “one of the guys” when she was with them and liked it that way, and  it is entirely too complicated to say “the two brothers and the sister.” So in the future, when I reference “the three brothers,” just know one of them is a girl. Anyhow, the three brothers were very close and always really liked to do things together. They liked to drive in the car together, to play games together, to eat together, and all sorts of other stuff. Although they liked to do things together, they were each very different. The youngest loved to study and play video games. The middle one loved to play and watch sports and eat steak. And the oldest was an even mixture of the two, enjoying to both read lots of books and to run and play outside. Despite their differences, when they hung out together, they always had a great time.

One day, the youngest brother came to the other two and said, …



One thought on “the adventures of the three brothers

  1. Conflict is very “uncomfortable” for a lot of people I think….I know it is for me. But it is what inevitably leads us to be able to have a happy ending. Does there always have to be a conflict? Sometimes characters in a story can be so stronge and interesting that just their adventures, or circumstances, and the trials along the way can carry a story. What do you think?

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