a little inspiration to be friendly

Whew, what a whirlwind of a week and I am about to start yet another one of the same. I continued a temporary job, started an insanely exciting internship, worked nights on the book (which is so close to being finished!!) with Bill and Brenda, and babysat. Thank goodness my tennis lessons were cancelled this week or else I just might have broken down.

My biggest feat of the week was going to church by myself today. I have been in search for a good group of church friends now that I am graduated and back in Dallas, but haven’t had much luck. In Waco it was easy. The people I went to school with, lived with, hung out with, and studied with, I also went to church with. Dallas has proven to be much different though, so here I was on a Saturday night back from babysitting at 9:30, exhausted from the week, already heading to bed, and researching my first church to visit. What a lame 23 year old.

So this morning I spiffed up a bit more than usual and made the long drive to the Village. After being herded into the lot by the parking attendants I nervously entered the building. I was early and had plenty of time to meet and greet. Instead, I rushed into the main room and didn’t think twice about forgoing the front seats and making myself comfortable in the last row. Typical Katie, but I was already being brave by going so why go above and beyond? As the room filled, I felt more and more uncomfortable and vulnerable and frankly, I was just plain out feeling sorry for myself. I actually started tearing up and began collecting my things off the ground to leave, but this young married couple sat down in the seat right next to me, blocking my easy way out. They introduced themselves and chatted with me until the service began. How incredibly nice of them! As much as I wish I were more brave and independent, I am not (although I am consistently praying that I will be so I would appreciate your prayers as well), and if it weren’t for those two people I probably would have left the church crying like a big baby. Instead, I left feeling happy and loved by God and His church. What a huge difference those people made! I haven’t felt so good about the human race in a long time. I sort of started to think most people wanted to be left alone instead of make a new friend, but today that couple changed my mind and that makes me happy. 🙂

Moral of the story: Go out of your way to be nice to people. You don’t know their circumstances. They could be about to have a nervous breakdown or something and you could just make their day!



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