I will admit, I was quite excited to stay home from work today because of all this ice. I felt like a kid from a Shel Silverstein poem– I could stay in my pjs all day, maybe take a slow bath intead of a hurries shower, work “remote” like my dad– it would be fabulous!

Not true.

We began having blackouts at 6 am, when I woke up to the worst alarm ever: the fire alarm. For some reason my first thought was that my electric blanket was on fire. Not sure how that was logical. I unplugged the blanket but the alarms were still invading my ears and brain, so I fumbled out of bed. I hurried to find sweatpants, a jacket, anything warm, but I couldn’t find anything in the dark. Fail. Eventually the power came back on and the noise stopped but then an hour later it happened again. Thankfully, dad came to the rescue and figured out how to make them stop.
Because of the constant power outages, the internet: out, heat: out, TV: out, coffee pot: out, oven: you guessed it, OUT. That means no coffee no hot lunch no work getting done. (Thankfully, the electricity is coming on sporadically so we were able to nuke some lunch just now.)
The good news: I’m catching up on my twitter reading and blogging via windows phone. Takes a while to type but it will be worth it if it posts! Crossing my fingers and… Hitting “publish”… Now.
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One thought on “B-b-b-borrrringgg

  1. Whew What a morning!!! We aren’t having blackouts, but I do have leaks coming from the snow on the roof! Slept in the guest room last night because drips would have keep me awake!

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