The weather is really letting me down today. 46 degrees? Really?

Unfortunately, tennis lessons with Frisco Tennis do not heed to the weather. As Lupe Fiasco sings, “the show goes on,”

and so at 9 am coach Katie and coach Steffi were out at Warren park fighting wind, cold, and the urge to take shelter in our warm cars. Thanks to Steffi’s good company and some of the cutest little kiddos I’ve ever coached, I made it through the chilly lessons without too much complaining (from me or the kids). I always find it pathetic how much more I complain about the weather than my four andΒ four year olds…

Tonight, we are celebrating Michael and Tyler’s 21st birthday! The family is going to Twisted Root Burger—Β yum!– and I will be trying my first turkey burger. Thanks to my fellow intern at D, I’ve decided to attempt to slow down on the red meat. With a family like mine this might be difficult, but it’s worth a try!

Happy birthday guys! πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to get together with everyone tonight! I only wish the weather would allow me to wear my new springy clothes. Oh well, I’m sure sweaters go splendidly with turkey burgers and birthday cake. Happy birthday to my favorite brothers in the whole world!


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