yet another page to turn

Time has a way of getting away from us. It also has a way of tricking us into believing falsehoods. It’s weird how the hour I am filing onto the long escalator that is adulthood, being trained to think like an adult, act like an adult, walk like an adult, and make money like an adult, I have never felt more like a kid.

Today is my last day as an editorial intern at D Magazine. So bittersweet. I learned so much this semester and have grown personally and professionally, but I am excited to get out and use what I have learned by trying new things!

Although I panicked about my foggy future when other jobs ended in the past, God has been looking out for me. In the last month I’ve managed to find a full-time job, an apartment with an awesome roommate, and start my freelance career, yet today I feel small and vulnerable like a child.

I even have that ridiculous Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson song stuck in my head, “Brother for sale, only fifty cents. Brother for sale, he’s not a big expense…” Embarrassing.

I think part of growing into an adult is realizing that it is okay to be vulnerable, okay to rely on others, okay to not have it all planned out, but geez lueez, it’s difficult! I’m going to go ahead and blame time so I don’t have to blame myself. 🙂 It is tricking me into thinking I should be an adult (maybe?) when really I should relax and start watching kid shows again? No, that can’t be it. Maybe I will stick to the lesson about it being okay to rely on others.


On a happier and less reflective note, I am SO excited to start working full-time at my new job!! I will be working at a Culinary Arts Center–so cool– and will be helping them plan events, rewrite bios for chefs…pretty much a little bit of everything. YAY!

In the meantime, I will try to do a better job at keeping this thing updated. Thanks for reading, everyone!



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