New pad days one and two

You know how at work or school or at your friend’s house it’s really fun to organize and clean? I love killing time cleaning and organizing other people’s stuff but it is NOT so with my own.

Torie and I are getting all moved into the new apartment. After taking three days to pack and move stuff and fill the car and empty the car and then do it all over and over again (take breath here), we have decided to take the night off. So here we are, without couch, boxes everywhere, lying on the floor watching The Voice on our tiny television in a messy apartment that we decided to not make ourselves organize, at least for the day.

Tomorrow will have to be a different story. Any volunteer helpers (cough cough mom, dad, Michael, and Tyler) feel free to stop by and help anytime. 🙂

It looks much different now but here are some quick pics from day one:


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