whistle while you work… or twiddle your thumbs

Work today is crazzzzy busy… not. It is so strange in this business that one day can be an insanerunningaroundlikeachickenwithyourheadcutoffnotimetoputspacesbetweenwords [insert chipmunk voice] kind of day, and then the next is a ssss llll oooo wwww … ttt www iii ddd lll eee yyy ooo uuu rrr ttt hhh uuu mmm bbb sss [insert slow motion monster voice] kind of day.

But I like it.

Sidenote: My awesome cousin, Elizabeth, or as it appears in my phone, MyFavCuz, is in Washington doing an internship with the United States Senate! Holy cow she is so impressive. Check out her blog of adventures at http://elizabethknightjones.blogspot.com/. SO COOOOL!!

Ready for it to downpour so I will maybe get a break from my allergies,


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