grocery night

Just another night in Dallas.

SO excited to take our first shopping trip. Wal-Mart Market? Cool, why not. We love markets. Fresh fruit, nice breads, chef-like vibe… sounds great!


First, if you aren’t a market, don’t call yourself a market. There were no grapes nor applesauce. What kind of grocery store doesn’t have applesauce?? They didn’t have our black bean burgers, the right creamer, any romaine lettuce… it was a disaster. We managed to mark off a little bit of our list but not enough to satisfy our empty cupboard and fridge’s needs. They didn’t even have the good Lean Cuisines! Several times throughout our shopping expedition Torie and I exclaimed, “This is the worst Wal-Mart ever.” We figured we had seen the most terrible Wal-Marts back in our college days in Waco but I would almost rather drive the two hours to the Bellmead Wal-Mart than go to this one again. Kind of dramatic, I know.

Second, like all Wal-Marts almost always guarantee to do, we were presented with eeexxxxtttrrreeemmmeeelllyyy long lines. Oh joy.

That’s really all that Torie and I could find wrong with the Wal-Mart, but it is enough for us. We will never again be returning to Wal-Mart Market except for the essentials. And by essentials I mean milk and bread.

And the beat goes on,



One thought on “grocery night

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Been there, done that!! Hopefully this blog can stop someone from making the mistake of going to the Walmart Market!!! HAHAHA!!!!!

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