you make me wanna say “i do!”

This weekend was probably the best in my whole life thus far! We celebrated the marriage of Trent Cockerham and the woman previously known as Katie Cook. 🙂
Dinner and late night conversation on Thursday; Lunch, nails, shopping, and Rehearsal Dinner on Friday; Brunch, hair appointments, new dresses, loads of pictures, sweet words, then “you may kiss the bride” on Saturday. And don’t forget the rocking (despite the lack of AC) reception on Saturday night. We had a blast bonding with Steve and Dixie, meeting new people, getting all dressed up, and watching the unique love that Katie and Trent have finally bloom into a beautiful marriage. There are hardly any words good enough to properly describe it so I will post pictures I stole from Torie’s camera intead. I hope looking at these pictures makes you smile like it does me!
Lauren, Stacy, Kendel, Becky, Torie, Chelsey, Chandler, and Katie, yall are so much fun. What a magical weekend! Thank you Cooks, Cockerham’s and all of their fun friends and family for making it so special! And congratulations to Trent and Katie Cockerham!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!! 🙂

Plus… the great weekend was topped off with a WIN for the MAVS!! Yayaaa!


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