thank goodness for napoli

In the words of Mamasita (aka Jan Minchew), “thank goodness for Napoli.” I say let’s give a big THREE cheers (cheer! cheer! cheer!) for his home run! I may be a sports ditz but I do know that scoring greatly increases our chances of winning so hip-hip-HOORAY!

I got to speak with SO many exciting people today! Visited Mamasita, Pops, and Mamaw in Frisco for some good conversation and blog reading. We listened to a country music show but I wasn’t paying much attention unless a song I really loved came on. And when Scotty from American Idol came on. I love that kiddo. The highlight of the night was teaching Mamaw how to use Facebook. I think it’s a HOOT that my Mamaw has a Facebook and my parents do not. She really knows her stuff too… she was showing me all the family and their children and their friends and their husband and her church friends and her card friends and so on. Then we uploaded a profile picture for her and she was in business! Cracks me up. I love my Mamaw.

We also sent the boys, Michael and Tyler, off to school today! Back to Waco for the SENIORS. Can’t believe they grow up so fast.

Speaking of growing up fast, cousin William, the youngest of the family, travelled to UT yesterday for his freshman year of college. WOW! He is such a little genius and a stud and is going to be so great. As much as I hate to say this… “Hook ’em Horns.”

Excuse me while I go wash my mouth out with soap…

Just kidding. Sort of.

On my way home from Frisco tonight (at 10:30pm) I had a chat with Papaw. As usual, he was just eating dinner at the late hour and had just gotten home from the farm. I hope I am in that good of physical and mental shape when I get to be his age. I’m pretty sure he could out sit-up, push-up, and walk me. He can tell me every detail of every day and all of his memories from his childhood and youth are as crisp as a ripe apple. In the summer, he works all day in the sun; in the fall, the wind; in the winter: snow and bitter cold; spring: rain. He is incredible. He is one of my heroes. He is my Papaw.

I love my family!

What about your family do you love most? What are the little tiny things about them that you just can’t help but smile at?

And so it goes,


3 thoughts on “thank goodness for napoli

  1. I love that I have a daughter that loves to come home and spend time with her “old” parents….. and more than anything, I love that she loves her family!

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