the healthy eating program

Anytime I tell Torie I am going on a “healthy eating program,” she knows not to believe me. That’s what friends are for. So tonight I ate my “healthy” meal of turkey, swiss cheese, ranch dressing, and two almonds. They’re all healthy foods, right? Just missing a few blocks on the nutrition triangle. No big deal.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, … **drumroll please** … IT’S BACHELOR PAD TIME, PEOPLE! There are so many quality quotes I could put up here and we haven’t even reached the first commercial. Vienne is killlllling me.

Someone once told me that these shows “make you dumber.” I think I’ll take the risk. Good bonding time and a great chance to snack on more “healthy” foods. Plus, it’s the one time I allow myself to make fun of people without holding back. Good times had by all!

Over and out.

And so it goes,




P.S. Missing you tonight, Chandler! 🙂


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