birthday eve

Dear Mamasita,

Happy Birthday Eve!!

In our family, we not only go all out celebrating birthdays, but we extend the birthDAY to make a whole entire birthMONTH! I am so thankful for a family who celebrates one another so whole-heartedly. Thank you for marrying dad and, together, starting such grand traditions as these.

Thank you for reading every outline, rough draft, and final draft since I was just a little tator-tot; for reading and/or commenting on every blog post, helping me prepare for every quiz, test, and interview, and retweeting all of my articles and silly musings. People always say their mom’s are their biggest fans. Mine truly is.

Thank you for guiding me toward the straight and narrow, encouraging my relationship with God, and always reminding me to “get plugged in.” I aspire to have your courage, steady foundation, surreal amount of patience, and never-ceasing Faith.

Thank you for letting me and the boys eat peanut butter with our fingers while sitting on the kitchen counter, helping us build forts and letting us leave them there for weeks, and for making every school project an A+, even if it meant pulling an all-nighter with your seventh grade procrastinating daughter on a snow day for a dumb Spanish family tree assignment.

Thank you for taking me to every cross country practice in the dark morning, watching every soccer practice and game in the heat and bitter cold (I still don’t understand why soccer can’t be played in the seasons with decent weather), being there for every tennis match, near and far, and helping me recover from knee surgery when it was all too much.

Thank you for knowing the importance of cute clothes, for talking dad into getting a dog… and then another one, for teaching me the importance of family, for helping me, Michael, and Tyler always remember to be best friends, introducing me to coffee, being the biggest sports fan of the family, and teaching me to wrap presents and make pretty bows. No Christmas tree even comes close to looking as incredible asΒ our’s!


You are the milk to my chocolate, cream to my pie, and cookie to my cake. Oh, and speaking of, thank you for trying to cure me of my overwhelming sweet tooth. Guess we’re still working on that one.

To the best mom in the whole wide world…





And so it goes,


One thought on “birthday eve

  1. Katie, that is so sweet, I know this will bring tears to your mother’s eyes. She could not ask for a more precious gift.

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