I’ve always thought Wednesday to be one of the strangest spelled words. Why not W-i-n-d-s-d-a-y, like we Texans say it?? Nevertheless, it’s Wednesday! Only THREE more days until mom and I take our long-awaited trip to Canton!

I maybe might need to apologize for being away for so long… my aunt recently gave me this book to read and when I get a new book… well, sayonara everything else.

Last night Torie and I tried out The Porch at Watermark Community Church and l-o-v-e-d it. I’ve been frustrated for a while about not being able to find a church in which I feel comfortable  near my new Dallas home so I am very happy to hopefully get involved there soon.

Man-oh-man, I hope this day goes by quickly. Tonight I am going to make a list of all the things I am going to look for when we go to Canton. Any suggestions?!

And so it goes,



One thought on “wed-nes-day

  1. Yeah, they have the BEST fried pies I have ever had in case you get a sweet tooth, but we would have to walk back to Dallas to burn the calories off! On second thought we had better stick to other merchandise.

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