the stitch witch

That is me. The Stitch Witch. I am feeling pretty snooty falooty high in the sky confident this morning/afternoon/evening (yes, that is how long it took me to write a blog post today) because I, Katie, have hemmed pants. Well, sort of. Ironing them together with this product still counts, right?

Dear Jan, thank you for spontaneously taking me to the Ranger’s game last night. Had a BLAST eating jumbo hot dogs on dollar hot dog night and [not] sweating our faces off. Best mom ever!









Today, after work, Torie picked me up and we went venue visiting! Here are some amature pics.

She still hasn’t chosen a venue yet but probably will after this weekend. Then all the real fun begins!

I love love LOVE that tomorrow is Friday! What are your big plans for the long weekend? You all already know where I am going… CANTON! Can’t wait to share my finds with you!

Happy Friday Eve!


And so it goes,



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