canton, usa/arts & crafts day

Do you all remember the “Barney Bag” that the lovable dinosaur would gather the kids around once every episode? That was my very favorite part of Barney when I was a kid. Glitter, glue, popsicle sticks, saran wrap, old paper towel rolls… it was magical. I love all things artistic and admire anyone with enough talent to make something beautiful, like my friend Katie. 🙂 On Sunday, mom and I hoisted out the paint and proclaimed it “arts and crafts day.”

But first I must tell you the reason for the rhyme: Canton….

…Once upon a time a girl and her mamasita went to Canton to do some walking, talking, and, most of all, shopping! With water bottles and Fuze drinks packed to the brim of the cooler, accidental matching purple shirts donned, and sunglasses and blasting AC dutifully doing their job of protecting them from sun and heat, mother and daughter launched their trip to the BIG/small Canton!

Mom and I made the rookie mistake of following directions on our phones and almost ended up in one of the countless other “First Monday” locations spread across the town. Finally, we found our way to the Original First Monday. We hastily paid our $5 to park and hiked through sand and jumping grasshoppers to the beautiful mess shopping of grounds.

We couldn’t help but flock to the shade of Tier One, which is where we found our first and last purchases. Mom made a new friend with the lady who sold us our first and third purchase. 🙂

After hiking back to the car for some much needed H2O, we hit the trail again and made an entire day of it.

We saw some of these…

And some of these…

And, my very favorite, lots of these!

Oh, and about a MILLION of these. Bleh.

We had a great time! Our one regret? Not eating the famous fried pies. Oh darn, guess we’ll have to go back next month!

Our most exciting purchases at First Monday were these two adorable wooden letters: a “K” and an “&” sign. The ampersand was my favorite but the K was irresistible and we had to buy both. Since my walls at home are white, we knew from the start we would have to do a little arts and crafts. After resting up Saturday night, I trekked north to Frisco to visit our favorite paint store. Two hours later (obviously, we aren’t very quick decision makers), we departed with two paint cans and some crackle stuff, creativity bloating our minds. Here are some befores and afters of our wanna-be creative project!

All in all, I had a fantastic weekend hanging out with mom and dad, catching up on some reading, and enjoying the beyond beautiful weather Sunday and Monday brought. Gotta love the 3-day weekends. Thank you Labor Day!

And so it goes,


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