Good morning, mon! Read that in a Jamaican voice, please.

Dear CG (Camp Gladiator) this morning at 5:30, thank you for killing me in the first twenty minutes. Strike that. Thank you for killing me in the WARM UP. Argh, I am soooo out of shape! Dear self, we will do better tomorrow, yeah? Maybe hydrate today, eat a veggie or two…

This weekend I didn’t do much of anything, except to not get things done on my to-do list. Clean room–no check. Do laundry–no check. Oh well, it was a fun weekend nonetheless. This weekend I had my first wedding dress shopping experience (for Torie, not me, of course)! The fluffy yet surprisingly heavy dresses all looked fabulous on my roomie. So fabulous, in fact did they look, that instead of narrowing down the type of dress she wants, we actually added a couple of styles. Although I took a bunch, no pictures will be posted to this post. Gotta keep it a secret. Shhhhh! πŸ™‚

Have a happy mon-fun-day, mon!

And so it goes,


2 thoughts on “mon-fun-day

  1. I bow to you for getting up that early to exercise. I always tell myself that I am going to get up and run but it never happens. You’re so funny Katie. I like your blog-style haha.

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