madame future teller

Madame palm reading future teller, please riddle me this: Why can’t you tell me the really real future? Tyler and I see you every time we drive to and fro Waco and never stop because we know you cannot and will not tell us our for certain future. And because you might be creepy.

It is so strange to me in this day and age that we cannot tell the future. I mean, what’s up with that?!

We can build machines that do… well, most anything: fly, visit space, make a person look exactly like someone else, make a hot place cold and a cold place hot, contact and see a person from millions of miles away… you get the gist. We take so many things for granted that I can’t even think of all the cool things we have now that we didn’t have 10, 15, 50 years ago. It is incredible!

But we still cannot tell the future. It is hard for me to believe that I can’t Google (or Bing, dad :)), for example, “Katie Minchew future husband” and find an assortment of pictures of tall, dark, and handsome Mister Right on a valiant steed. I can do that with everything else. When I type “snowboard” I see pictures of awesome snowboarders from all over the world. Why not the future?

Not seeing the future is a blessing, I know. There are countless books and movies telling me so. But still, it’s weird that we can’t. I feel like we can do everything else, don’t you?!

I guess there are some things God still wants to keep a mystery from His children. Thank goodness for that. Who knows what we would be like today if we knew our certain tomorrow!

So for now, Tyler and I will not stop at the creepy, wooden, half burned-down house on I-35 to get our palms read. For now, we will just be patient and happy with the present.

Speaking of the wonderful Tyler, look what encouraging picture he text me yesterday. What a nice brother I have. And realistic.

And so it goes,


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