This morning I ran into quite a pickle. Too late to pick up my favorite coffee at Starbucks as I had planned to do, I opted for the leftover cup of ice coffee in the fridge. Little bit of film on top but just stir that baby up and it’s good to go.

I arrived to work, talking on the phone with mom. I tripped awkwardly out of the front seat in my skinny jeans and uncomfortable heels into the beautiful fall weather. Balancing the phone between my left cheek and shoulder, I grabbed my bags out of the back and walked into my office. Plopping down at my desk I realized…

…Lo and behold, I had left my coffee outside in the car!

Now for the pickle. Having woken up at the crack to work out then taking a little siesta, I was exhausted. On top of that, being late(ish), I hadn’t the time to make and drink any fresh caffeine. Coffee would give me energy, but it would take energy to walk all the way back to the car to get it. See the very big pickle I was in? After attempting both “Go-Go-Gadget” skills and the Harry Potter summoning charm (yes, I’m a nerd) to summon the coffee to my desk, neither of which worked, by the way, I decided to get up and make the effort. The old, filmy coffee was worth it. Or so I thought.

The trip to the car wasn’t as bad as I made it seem in my head. The weather is so beautiful outside and fall is my happy place so it was quite refreshing. Still a bit sleepy, walking shakily in my high heels on the uneven pavement, I made my way from the car back to the office building, coffee in hand.

I bet you know what’s coming…

Dodging one mini pothole too many, my right ankle gave out and I tripped sideways, catching myself. But the coffee wasn’t so lucky. The brown liquid caffeinated the grey pavement instead of my clumsy mind.

It probably tasted bad anyway.

So if anyone in the area would like to bring me a grande drip with one Splenda from here, it would be much appreciated.

And so it goes,


3 thoughts on “pickles

  1. That’s hilarious – I could actually picture it all in my mind as I was reading. Wish I was closer and I would bring you a cup, and get me one too. Guess your lunch break will be a “coffee break!” At least it’s Friday 🙂

  2. Cut, Cute.Cute –Glad you didn’t hurt yourself. Hope you get coffee for lunch. When you come, we will have high heel walking lessons. Love you.

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