Hol-ey-cow, Batman, I am sore today. Once again, I am having trouble with my high heels but not because of my off-centered balance. Nope, it’s because of my soreness that I am walking like a boy with muscles too big and bulky for his build. Attractive, I know.

Last night I had my first tennis match in 4, maybe 5, years. It was a blast–SO much better than boot camp! And since Intramural football season started at Baylor this week my brother just informed that me that he is also incredibly sore today. BIG day for the Minchews! In honor of this feeling, and because it is Wednesday which is, in itself, a day to celebrate, here is a little video from my sore buddy, Tyler (aka Minchy-Fresh), himself …


Happy Wednesday, yall!

And so it goes,


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