the picture


When my sweet brother Michael saw this picture, he thought of me and sent it to give me a chuckle at work today. Very sweet of him, don’t you agree?

Little did Michael know what a big impact he was actually making. Today at work, everyone seemed to be in a terrible mood. Monday, Take Two. It is quite interesting to me how the moods of those around us affect us. There are some people, like myself, unfortunately, who are directly affected. If my coworkers are dancing, singing, and smiling (which has never actually happened, but let’s just talk hypothetically), I would follow in suite. When my coworkers are grumbling, snapping, and grumping, I suddenly become negative, sluggish, and quiet. It is a very strange thing.

Then there are others who can simply shirk the moods and words of others and let them slide right off your shoulders. My boss is trying to teach me to be like this but it is such a slow process.

So whenever my coworkers are not feeling very “pie in the sky,” it really helps me retake control of my mood when I receive emails like this one.

Thank you Michael!

And so it goes,


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