happy birthday from a daddy’s girl

Today is David Minchew’s birthday!!

My dad has always been extremely important in my life. He is one of those good ol’ fashioned, Andy Griffith-like, advice-giving dads. He always listens, always understands, never judges, and always loves. From breakups to bad days, he is there with an open heart, open mind, and open arms.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a dad whose birthday I almost got to share, who is always there with a snack, a hug, and a smile, who always fixes my computer and keeps it updated, who gets nerdy excited about the Windows phone updates, who gave me my smile, my squinty eyes, my curly toes, and empathetic heart, who knows that a walk/drive and a good meal can fix any problem, who is a constant example of hard work, who encourages his kids to do what we love and love what we do, who does the elbow nudge during the movie previews to communicate which he wants to see next, who always starts the car early on a cold morning, who secretly takes our cars to get gas when we visit, who never fails to get mom Starbucks coffee when we run out at home, who loves keeping secrets and surprises, especially when it comes to family dinner plans, and who never fails to show his unconditional love.

Thank you for making ordinary days extraordinary with impromptu trips to the movies, Six Flags, or to the park. Thank you for teaching me to throw a ball, ride a bike, and play volleyball in the house with a balloon. Thank you for being a godly example for me, mom, and the boys and for always taking our family to church on Sundays. Thank you for my love for Garth Brooks, Reese’s, Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, writing, whirlpools, playing sports, books, and all things Microsoft. Thank you for encouraging me in everything I do, even when I’m not successful. You are the greatest dad I could ever ask for. I love you!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

And so it goes,


7 thoughts on “happy birthday from a daddy’s girl

  1. Grandmom says: I was very blessed to have such a wonderful son. He brought me a wonderful daughter and they gave me three wonderful grandchildren, that I will always treasure.

    1. I know, right? Thanks for digging those great pictures out of the back of your closet, mom! Aunt Sarah, just wait for Hannah’s birthday to roll around. I found a precious picture of the two of us that I’m planning to post! πŸ™‚

  2. This is the Taylor clan. We are sitting around in the sun room here in Tulsa talking about how cute Katie used to be. Sad kind of. Just kidding. but really. Uncle David- I can’t believe that you are above 50 years old. I am really just wondering why Jerry Dean Taylor was not mentioned in this blog. Confuses me. Nichole thinks that Uncle David should go back to the beatles look with the shaggy hair, but I told her that Uncle David can’t do that anymore because he lost his hair and its really gray. Hope you have a great rest of your birthday. I am glad to see that your daughter Katie likes you and that Michael and Tyler do not blog.

    Love- Hannah (The best cousin)

  3. What a wonderful family – I LOVE this post.

    Minchews seem to know how to enjoy the small things in life, cherish family and friend’s, and always, always pursue the Lord.

    Happy (belated) Birthday David Minchew!

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