seattle, meet the minchews


I’m on the plane. Yep, on. the. PLANE! Jan, David, and I are heading to Seattle and since Southwest offers WiFi and David is a proud A Lister, I thought I just might take this opportunity to write a quick blog about how excited I am for this trip!! It was a loooooong day but it is finally here!

Last night I was up so so late writing this article I get to submit to Frisco STYLE Magazine, doing laundry… more laundry (it had been quite a while), painting my nails (yes, it was necessary), and unpacking from my trip to Waco last weekend (I am the worst unpacking procrastinator I know). And, of course, my dinosoar computer had to break and really put a dint in my writing productivity so it was a very hectic night. I didn’t get to bed until super late and then woke up before the crack. Being the grandma I am and needing all the sleep I can get, I expected to be the ultimate Grinch when I woke up but instead I found myself full of jittery butterflies in anticipation for the trip.

It took me all morning to pack and get ready but I left the apartment just in time to run a few errands. Feeling very grownup and a bit proud of myselt, I stuffed my million pound suitcase into the trunk of my Jetta and I was off! After errand #2 I decided to stuff a few more items into my suitcase from my carry-on and guess what? The trunk wouldn’t open! In a panic, I called the VW dealership where I met Ted who taught me a complicated little raindance menouver that I now have to perform every time I want to get in my trunk. All in a morning’s work!

Work went soooo slowly today. You know what I mean… everytime I dared peek at the clock it seemed we had jumped back a minute. Then, at last, it was 3:00 — time to leave! Jan and David, all smiles, picked me up from the apartment and sped to Love Field. Apparently a flight is the only thing that is inexusable for Minchews to be late for. Don’t worry, we were 2 hours early but that gave me plenty of time to work on that article that is due soon. 🙂 I fit right in with the business men and women at the airports with their airport salad dinners, important phone conversations, and clicking laptop keys. So grownup! 😉

We have a long flight ahead of us but I’m sure it will fly by now that I’ve got the WiFi. First stop: Albuquerque. Then 3.5 more hours. Yikes. I’ll keep you updated on the trip! Dad says a good hamburger and fry joint is his first stop but I’m thinking coffee!




2 thoughts on “seattle, meet the minchews

  1. A) That airport salad does not look appetizing.
    B) In Washington you have to have coffee. I believe Seattle is the home of Starbucks and that state has coffee stands like we have snow cone stands in the summer.
    C, and most important) you are so funny and cute and I love you Katie Min!!!!

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