stolen minutes

So, I read this blog at work today. I am sort of a word junky and gulp them down any chance I get. Actually, in this case, any chance I can steal…there is usually too much work to do to take an actual lunch break. But today my boss went to lunch with her daughters and grandkids so I stole 20 minutes and decided to take the break. After all, it is Monday and rainy and cold and sleepy, so I clearly needed the small change of pace.

As I sat at my desk trying to talk myself into making a few more calls while I ate my cold leftover turkey from the previous day’s event, I made the responsible decision and checked Facebook, the blessing and curse of our generation. Home page, 5 posts down I see a link to a blog post. Bloggers are few and far between among my friends. Who could this be? With a quick click, this site appeared.

I read the blog posts, even though the term “posts” is hardly the correct word for what was there. The stories were incredible. Emotion put behind each word, line, sentence, and paragraph pulled my mind away from the ringing phones, bright office lights, and 90’s music and into the stories. Intense scenes were enhanced with detailed descriptions and first person depictions made even more impacting by his excellent, deliberate writing. I fell in love. You all have GOT to read this guy’s blog. It was inspiring to see someone pursuing their dreams of writing even though it isn’t the most popular or well-paid profession.

I think I will write tonight after bible study.

And so it goes,


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