days of dallas: hidden adventures

For some time now, I have been on the search for hidden adventures. As a good friend of mine once said, “for some people, reading books [like Hunger Games] quenches their sense of adventure, but for me, it only pushes my will forward into some great quest.” Let’s just say that both of us are avid readers and neither one is feeling more settled into our current lives.

Since most of the adventures I thirst to take cost more money than I posess, I have decided to look for excitement and spontaneity in my everyday life.

On Thursday night, I brought a girlfriend with me on assignment for a blog I write for from time to time. You can find it here. After sampling the sensational Duchman Family wines and chatting with the charming winemaker and his guests at The Fairmont,


we giddily left the Pavilion Room to find a quaint little art show going on downstairs at the Ross Akard Gallery.

The work of Lisa Lindholm was very interesting but the people watching and listening to tidbits of everyone’s conversations was my favorite. Here are a few pictures!




Look at those colors and technique!


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