days of dallas: i heart my city

I think we should have t-shirts made and people selling them on Akard– 5 for $5. Seriously, Dallas, we are just as cool as NY. I love Dallas. I love most everything about this city. I love the Dallas skyline, I love the lights, the local dives, the feel of the Design District, the constant progress (except the traffic it sometimes causes); I love the way how, even though we are a big city, people still look each other in the eye and say hi. Dallas is like any of the clubs you joined in high school or college: “you get out of it as much as you put into it.” If you don’t make an effort to know the local happenings, explore the new restaurants and art scenes, and spend some quality time with it, you won’t fall in love with the city like I have and, chances are, it won’t love you back.

Being a proud representative of this incredible city, I felt obliged to spend some good old fashioned quality time with it this weeked and decided to bring Jan along for the ride. If you are visiting Dallas or live here and need a fun and refreshing plan for your upcoming weekend, here are my suggestions:

Start your day off with a brisk walk or jog on Katy Trail. It is full of young locals biking, roller skating, or walking their dogs. In the adjoining parks you will find groups practicing yoga, participating in boot camps, or simply enjoying the weather by reading a book or having a picnic with a friend. If you are craving a snickity snack, Katy Trail Ice House offers a variety of cold drinks and rockin’ brisket nachos.

After an appropriate amount of primping, take a trip to Inwood Estates Winery tasting room in the Design District. Sample wines made locally from Texas grapes. They are delicious and rare, so if you like one, buy a case!



You will more than likely be craving a little late lunch by this point, which is why I recommend you take the hop, skip, and jump over to The Meddlesome Moth. With a Fireman’s 4 and the Fish and Chips you can’t go wrong. This trendy gastropub has great food and has been grabbing the attention of Dallasites ever since its opening in 2010.

To get out of the food and wine haze, head over to Barnes & Noble on Mockingbird. Browse the books (and SMU gear if you’re a fan), and if you are me, take over the entire travel section, spreading books and maps everywhere while you sit cross legged on the floor. Beware, the SMU Barnes & Noble closes at 5:00pm so pick a book and head next door to Starbucks. I like to sit on the outdoor patio reading and sipping a grande, nonfat, no-foam, two Splenda latte. Delish!

In Dallas, there is always something to do when the sun sets. A word to the wise. If you want to eat anywhere other than a Wendy’s, make reservations at least a few days ahead, sometimes more. The new restaurant, Oak, in the Design District has a weekend wait that is two weeks out. Needless to say, plan ahead. After dinner, there is so much to do. If you are coming from out of town, check here, here, or here to get a listing of weekend events in the area. This weekend, I chose to go to the ArtLoveMagic’s annual Underground show at South Side on Lamar. 100 local artists featured their work and it was insane!


Obviously a big fan of Micky Mouse.


This chick doesn’t use a brush to create these masterpieces. She uses lipstick as paint and kisses the canvas.



Look at that detail!


Big crowd.


VIP, yup that’s me!

I love Dallas!

And so it goes,


3 thoughts on “days of dallas: i heart my city

  1. Very well written and so very informative. Please to know that you are enjoying exploring Dallas and the many exciting things that Dallas has to offer. Keep up the good works.

  2. It was a very fun day! It’s always great hanging out with someone who takes me to all the good spots, I can’t wait until our next excursion!

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