flavors of france

When I was a little girl, visiting my grandmom was one of my favorite times in the year. Sure, visiting family was meaningful to me, and is was great to reunite with long-distance cousins, but what visiting my grandmom meant to me (at a very young and selfish age, mind you) was awesome food. Grandmom can cook, yall! She would make the best waffles with homemade syrup, brownies with thick, delicious chocolate sauce, homemade biscuits…basically, all the wonderful foods that make you chubby after you lose that coveted childhood metabolism. As I grew older, I started to crave the ability to bring people around the table in that way. I wanted to have her skills, to inherit her father’s secret recipes and family secrets. So I began to ask my grandmom for recipes to my favorite dishes, and she obliged.

As I have gotten older, my passion for cooking, especially baking (and eating), has not dwindled, although my time allotted to feed that passion has. But over the last two days, I struck gold and have taken TWO cooking classes at Milestone Culinary Arts Center: French Cuisine with Chef Andre Bedouret and Chocolate Valentine Special with Chef Andre Bedouret. Hellooooooo! In the words of the chef, “It was a beautiful thing.”

Here are a few of the beautiful dishes we made.

{French Cuisine}


Wild Mushroom Bow tie Appetizer (or, as the French say, FeuilletΓ© de Champignons


Pommes Frites! In all seriousness, the best French Fries I have ever had.


Roasted Salmon with Beurre Rouge and Napoleon of Golden Beet with Fresh Minted Pea Puree. I think Chef was honing in on my alma mater when making this.

{Valentine Chocolate Special Class}
Chocolate Pots de Creme

The handsomely disheveled Frenchman and his assistant, Katy.

Making of the Chocolate Tart


Chocolate Truffles


Molten Chocolate Cake


Grandmom would be so impressed!



If you are ever in Dallas, I highly recommend taking one (or both) of these classes. They are phenomenal and, although I will need to run a few [hundred] extra miles to work off my weight in butter and duck and chocolatey goodness, it was well worth it. πŸ™‚

And so it goes,


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