a classy lady’s valentine’s day

Some classy ladies receive treats for Valentine’s Day. These delicious babies come from La Duni Restaurant. Sooooo yummy!

A classy lady’s Valentine’s Day must include flowers. Mine came from my favorite florist, Metka Terselich, the very wonderful, very talented florist.

Sometimes a classy lady enjoys a fancy meal on her Valentine’s, but not me. This girl dined in style with a few friends over quesadillas, taquitos, and queso. Yessiree.

Some classy ladies {or their man} rent out the entire movie theatre on Valentine’s Day. And some just get lucky and pick the most ghetto theatre in Dallas and don’t have to worry about fighting the crowds of hand-holders and squealing preteens for seats in The Vow {plus get to see an awesome police chase on their way in}.

And some classy ladies have the sweetest roommate in the world who buys them chocolates to top off such a wonderful day.

I have to say, even though I was technically without a true-blue Valentine, I enjoyed spending the day celebrating the greatest gift ever given to us: love.

Okay, cheesy moment over. Happy day, after the day, of Valentine’s Day!

And so it goes,


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