{unofficial} first day of summer

It’s still winter, I know. But with the gorgeous weather, today has got me daydreaming about summer!

My favorite things about summer:

1. Driving with the windows down and a Route 44 Coke Zero from Sonic in my hands. Helloooooo Half-Priced Happy Hour!

2. Sunglasses! Tory sure has some cute ones this season.


3. The change of wardrobe–don’t you just love switching out the heavy fabrics for new, bright shorts, swimsuits, sundresses and tanks?! I personally am obsessed with all things chambray.


4. Lazy days in the park under big trees reading or hiking. LOVE it.


5. Pop Ice popsicles…you know, those little sugar water sticks you buy in the thousands from Sam’s and freeze. Yummy!

What are your favorite things about the upcoming seasons?


And so it goes,


3 thoughts on “{unofficial} first day of summer

  1. Summer is my favorite! Warm (sometimes hot, okay, a lot of times) days soaking in the beautiful sunshine, flowers blooming, baseball games at the Ballpark (go Rangers!), dining on the patio of your favorite restaurant…..

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