pretty profile: elizabeth jones of elizabeth, ectera

This girl is one of the coolest people I know. She is fun, fancy, has a wicked awesome blog, reads the WSJ, and has her own radio show. Oh, and she’s only 21. Hellooooo, you need to know her. What a diva!

{Elizabeth is on the left}


I love her so much, that I think you should love her too. So here are some fun facts about Elizabeth:

Where are you from?

Coppell, TX  (It is a suburb of Dallas).

What is your passion?

My passion are people.  I love getting to know people and finding out their stories.

What would your perfect day look like?

Well, I would wake up somewhere exciting, let’s go with a beach.  Drink some coffee and eat brunch at a little cafe or on a patio somewhere while reading my book and reading the morning paper.  Then I would get dressed and go on a morning tandem bike ride through the beautiful scenery.  I then would go lie on the beach for a bit and maybe go surfing and sailing (you said perfect day not realistic (:).  I would take a little nap on the beach while basking in the sun.  Go back get ready for a fun dinner with my friends and family and watch the sunset go down.  Now where can I move?

What is your dream vacation?

This is a hard one.  I am a travel enthusiast so there is nothing more fun to me than traveling!  I guess I would say a beautiful beach somewhere where I could be adventurous and lazy at the same time.  I could go surfing, sailing, or hiking or I could lie by the ocean reading a good book.  Take me there now!

Why do you blog?

I orginally started blogging because my email list was getting far too long when I studied abroad in France over the summer two years ago.  Creating a blog had alway been on my bucket list so I decided then was the perfect time to start one!  It was titled “Jones Jumps the Pond, my study abroad diary”.  I enjoyed it so much I decided to keep it up.  I do not always do a very good job at updating my blog but I really enjoy blogging when I do and I love reading other people’s blogs.  I think it is so important to have an opinion and be able to write.  Blogging encompasses both of those.  More than anything I wish to be a eloquent writer!  (Blogging let’s me pretend to be one).

If you could own any one piece of fashion, what would it be?

Well my good friend Derek Blasberg says that every girl needs 3 things: a trench coat, a pair of jeans that make you look 10 pounds lighter, and a pair of over sized sunglasses.  I am still looking for those jeans…

Now, don’t yall just loooove her!? Visit her at Elizabeth, Ectera today!

{Elizabeth: right and super cute, as usual}


And so it goes,


4 thoughts on “pretty profile: elizabeth jones of elizabeth, ectera

  1. Sounds like a young lady I would like to know, in fact, it sounds like my granddaughter. Katie, like you, she is precious and fun. I am a lucky grandmother. Love you.

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