happy birfmus to the greatest bros

My very favorite picture of Tyler (left) and Michael (right)

Today marks 22 years since the day my little bitty 5-foot-nothing mom went into labor with my twin brothers, Michael and Tyler. They are pretty much the most important people on earth to me, so let me tell you about them!

My brothers and I have inside jokes. They are pretty much the only people I have inside jokes with and I think that makes them special. They know the real me better than anyone else, even my parents, which is a pretty big feat.

What is best about my brothers is that there are two of them.Β They were born only one minute apart, and yet they couldn’t be more different from one another. That is why this is their best attribute. Because one can make me forget all my problems and laugh until I cry and the other can accept my pity party of tears and talk it out. One makes fun of my weird quirks and the other shares in them. One I can eat a meal with and with the other I canΒ share [aka fight over] dessert.

They are smart, funny, cute as twin buttons, and the most fun people to hang out with.

Michael and Tyler Freshman Year at BU

Michael and Tyler Senior Year. What cuties!

These are only a few of the bagillion qualities that make them so special. I know that one would blush over my gushing and the other would enjoy it so it is difficult to tell when to end this post… but I just have to say that I love them so much and I think they are the greatest Thing 1 and Thing 2 since the invention of fried chicken and gravy, which is a staple in our family’s world so that should mean a lot.

Happy birthday Michael and Tyler!!



And so it goes,


3 thoughts on “happy birfmus to the greatest bros

  1. Ahhhh Katie this made me happy! I just wish that Tyler was as fun as I was so he could cheer you up! haha just kidding! Love ya sis!

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