the horrors of a fifth grader

Isn’t it funny how things come back in style?

My mom used to mention this phenomenon when I was younger and I would just roll my eyes thinking, yeah right, whatever, like any respectable teen and preteen. She would thrill over the comeback of overalls or Sperry Topsiders or bellbottom jeans. I just couldn’t imagine them being as cool “back then” as they were in my day. Keds were one of those fashions that were cool to my mom, except I think she brought them back a little too early. She brought them back when I was in the fifth grade, and it was horrific.


All of my friends wore cool Nike shoes with the tall basketball socks, and later on, “no-socks,” which my dad vehemently protested until he realized how dorky he looked, still sporting his bright white ankle socks. I am proud to say that I helped him make the change. But while my friends were sporty, I was stuck in a pair of white, shiny Keds. In fifth grade, my classroom was in a portable and I remember just about breaking into tears when I would have to walk to the front of the classroom in my Keds. It would be dead silent and I would walk down the isle squawking like a duck. I would try to walk on my tiptoes or the sides of my feet…maybe I should try to walk a little lighter…nope. I had the same trouble with Doc Martins, but those brown, heavy ankle weights haven’t come back in style…yet.

Today, I would love to have a pair of Keds. Heck, give me them in a few different colors!


And now that I think about it, Keds were actually probably in really style when my mom bought them for me. Or at least probably about to be in style, because that’s just how my mom is–stylish. I was probably just being a difficult child at a school where what you wore defined you. And I gave in to the peer pressure. If only I had been stronger and led the comeback of the Ked, maybe I would be in the fashion industry instead of food today. Probably not, but isn’t it fun to wonder…

And so it goes,


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