days of dallas: a night at the cirque: quidam


If you are traveling to Dallas between now and March 11th {or awesome enough to actually live here} you have to see Quidam by Cirque du Soleil. My mamaw is in town from Little Rock, Arkansas {woo, pig sooie!} and she and I attended the production last night. Our report: It was incroyable et fantastique!

Writer’s note: I’m working on my French to fulfill my lifelong dream to travel the world. Don’t judge me.

The production is playing in Frisco at the Dr Pepper Arena, which is big enough to fit a crowd but small enough so that there literally is no such thing as a bad seat. Our tickets were in the in section 124, row D, which was perfect for me–not game to be dragged onstage for crowd participation. I think I would die!

Quidam was amazing, each act trumping the previous. My reenactment through words would not come close to doing it justice, so I will just give you some pictures to marvel at. However, being an avid rule follower {some might even call me a square}, I did not take any of my own pictures, so here are some from the Cirque website.

{This was one of the most incredible acts I have ever watched. I have never seen a woman with such strength and grace.}

{This guy could juggle anything!}





{This was one of the first acts and one of my very favorites}



{This was a gorgeous act and my mamaw’s favorite}


When the show was over, and Mamaw and I glued our jaws back up into their proper places, we couldn’t help but stay up for hours gabbing over our favorite acts. It was such an experience!

So you should buy a ticket and go. Make a date of it. Or take your grandma out on the town like I did. Whatever you choose, you should GO SEE QUIDAM!

And so it goes,


One thought on “days of dallas: a night at the cirque: quidam

  1. Sounds like a great show and a great time! I’m so glad you both got to go….what a treat. They have amazing acts and are incredibly talented, very entertaining.

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