sparkly this and that

I had no clue I loved jewelry so much until I saw some of these fun pieces! Seriously, my mom can attest–I used to be the most blah jewelry shopper ever. Just give me a watch and pair of small pearl stud earrings and I was set for the year. Not anymore…

Here is my new favorite website for jewelry shopping: Bauble Bar

And here are a few faves:







Cute, inexpensive, plus seen on the Today Show and several great magazines. And while you are doing your online shopping, be sure to listen to my friend, Jillian Edwards, new(ish) album, Headfirst, on iTunes! I spent my entire senior year studying and singing out loud in the car {terribly} to her first album, Galaxies and Such. She is incredible!

P.S. About the sparkly things…my birthday isn’t coming up but I’m not opposed to spontaneous gift giving.

And so it goes,


One thought on “sparkly this and that

  1. Ha! I’m not opposed to spontaneous gift giving either, and my birthday is sort of coming up – OH and Mother’s Day too! Cute stuff, I will definately have to check this site out.

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