happy {late} national workplace napping day

Thanks to the bing home screen {little shout out to my Microsoft dadio!} on Monday, I made this fantastic discovery called “National Workplace Napping Day.” Monday was the 13th celebration of this new holiday and I’m thinking about marking the day in my Outlook calendar every year from now on. Score! The genius behind this new invention {William Anthony} is truly that, a genius.

When I was in college, I was a big fan of naps. I took really short naps, never able to let myself fall into a deep, thoughtless sleep, but definitely had friends who made taking naps an art. Unfortunately, adult years have brought my days of quick, refreshing naps to an end. Now I work in the event and food industry and it is a rough one, often resulting in severe sleep depravity. Well, to be honest, it is more the chefs that are sleep deprived but I’ll take the holiday anyhow. πŸ™‚ I’m sure your work brings on the same results, which is why you should read this article and then ask your boss if you can make National Workplace Napping Day a tradition in your office. Most bosses {including mine} probably won’t go for it…if I was a boss, I probably wouldn’t either…but it’s worth a try. Come on, it’s scientifically proven to increase productivity!


Just one more reason to move to a country where siestas are required.

Do you like naps or do you think that naps are a waste of the day?


And so it goes,


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