proud to be a dallasite

Sometimes I find myself wishing, hoping, praying to take a long vacation. I sometimes think about visiting, or maybe even living, somewhere “cool,” like DC or New York or San Fran or Europe. Actually, saying that I sometimes do this is a lie. I think about the possibility of traveling almost every hour of every day. The few hours I do not spend on this are the moments that I am sleeping. Traveling is my dream.

But last night I spent a solid six hours of my waking hours feeling immensely grateful to be in Dallas. Good, no great, friend, Whitney Tennison {author of the wonderful blog Load Up Molly, by the way} invited me to a Mavs game for which she had an extra ticket. Boy, did she asked the right person! I was estatic. Finally, I get to put all of that floating knowledge I have about the Mavericks from my Ben and Skin radio time to good use. The seats were awesome.

This is how close I got to Dirk.


Just kidding, that was taken from the big screen. Did I fool you?!

No, but the seats were incredible and the game wasn’t too bad either. I was especially impressed with Mahinmi. I have never seen him play in person before and hadn’t payed too much attention but he is a really impressive player.

Here are some pictures from the night. The good ones were taken by Kristen Dee McMenamy, a great photographer who posts to this blog and had to survive the evening taking photos with my little wimpy camera.





After the Mavs FINALLY pulled the win, I said goodbye to the girls and walked home. Yes, I live so close to the American Airlines Center that I can walk to it. Now if only someone would give me season tickets, it could really put my proximity to good use. As I was walking home, I realized how lucky I was to be able to wake up and go to sleep seeing this:


Big lights, the news being filmed, crowds of excited fans…it doesn’t get much better than that.

After last night, I felt just a little more blessed to be a Dallasite.

And so it goes,

P.S. Sic ’em Bears who beat the South Dakota State Jackrabbits last night in their first round of the NCAA Championship tournament! The boys on 103.3 were rooting against us, but the Bears prevailed! Here we come Colorado. Sic ’em!!


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