days of dallas: arts district wine stroll

A miniature version of this article was posted on Crave DFW by my good buddy, Steve Doyle. Thank you! But as a writer, one who is never quite satisfied in deleting any words once written, I felt compelled to post this full version. Fellow writers will understand. Our words are our babies and it is difficult to part.


Friday evening, as part of the infamous Savor Dallas event, a friend and I participated in the Arts District Stroll. The event was hosted at four venues (Meyerson Symphony Center, Winspear Opera House, Dallas Museum of Art, and Nasher Sculpture Center) and promised lots of wine, beer, and snacks, all to sample in a very short two hours. The event started at 5:00pm, not allowing for us worker bees to arrive on time. We raced in and registered at the Meyerson, ready to mix and mingle with our fellow Dallasites.


Our lovely check-in volunteers at the Meyerson.


Fun was in the air at the Meyerson.


The people of 1221 Le Baron Ranch take their business very seriously.


This Black Oak Pinot Grigio was just what we needed after our short hike from the car.


There was a cheese spread at the Meyerson but we skipped this table hearing that there might be better goodies at our next stop.


Oh, and they had ale too. Real Ale Lost Gold IPA was smooth, citrusy and delicious. The balance and slight sweetness was just what we needed to get us to the Nasher where we discovered…


…this lovely lady pouring the evident drink of choice.

Nothing can compete with Stella!


We took in the beauty of the Nasher. It was truly beautiful, despite the drowning mugginess.


Waited in obnoxiously long lines.



Noshed on some yummy food from Meso Maya.


And joined new friends in resting our weary, high-heel wearing feet to see the new beauty that Dallas has to offer–Museum Tower.


Next stop was the Dallas Museum of Art, my personal favorite.


On the way, we were inspired by the familiarity of a piece of our skyline seen up close with such clear blue skies.


Enter: DMA.


They had rocking music.


Fancy art.



And this wine. This wine made all the strolling in heels, heat, lines, and crowds worth the trouble. I am finding that I have a distinct preference for Argentinian wines. By this time in our travels, we were good and ready for some reds. Premium Port Wines, Inc. provided the Prazo de Roriz 2008 Douro that made us skip a few of the booths and come back for seconds.

When it was all over, we were starving and pretty bummed that the event wasn’t long enough for us to make it to the fourth venue, Winspear Opera House. Plus, the lines to taste each wine were so long that it was impossible to taste more than a couple at each location without wasting precious time needed to visit your next destination. The food was also a pretty big disappointment. I mean, who wants to drink a cup of hot soup in hot and humid weather? Cheese is good and all, but I was expecting a little bit more, I think. Thank goodness they had to foresight to invite the Food Trucks! My friend and I stopped at the first one we came across–Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe.


I splurged on a #4 The Boss. The Texas BBQ and Sharp Cheddar Cheese on Sourdough all grilled together was just what I needed to wind down in the cooling Dallas twilight. Gorgeous.


These ladies had the same idea.


The Savor Dallas Arts District Wine Stroll was lots of fun. I just hope they give us a little more time to stroll and enjoy next year.


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