and so it goes

I have been taking some much needed time to reheat my irons lately. My life has been speeding so quickly uphill that the engine has pretty much pooped out so I basically forced myself to take a hiatus.

Ready set go.

Except it is wasn’t exactly that easy.

Author’s Confession: I do not deal well with Change.

Some of you will not be surprised by that revelation. It seems that regardless of how I personally view Change {generally, I think change is good and necessary}, it sneaks up on me and makes my brain go…berserk! And boy has Change been storming the fort in my life lately. It is kind of comical, really. Because if I wrote this post describing Change in all grammatical and sensical perfection, it could very well turn into a novel, I will write, instead, in stream of consciousness style. Welcome to the mind of Katie Minchew.


Oh my gosh, I can’t believe she is getting married in four months. I can’t believe she is leaving [me] earlier than we planned. I can’t believe my best friend is going to be married and far away and in bliss and I am going to be single and here and probably without the glowing bliss…I will miss her calmness, her soap opera addiction, her prevalent laundry-doing habit, her mild way of staying calm and calming me, her happy demeanor, her inspiring fashion sense, her constant common sense, her never ending patience…I hope I see her often. How will I find a new roommate? Where will we live? Should I live alone? No, I want a roommate. Should I move far, far away? I found a roommate! Where should we live? Is downtown dangerous? Will she get married and leave [me] in a year too {see this post about the bizarre miracle of all of my past roommates’ current very non-singleness for further information}? We will live downtown and it will be exciting and modern-feeling and so much fun. I need a couch to go in the new apartment. I need a new car. I hope my car doesn’t break down before I can get a new car. I need a new job so I can buy a new car and couch. I need a new job so I can move on and be a real live professional. I need a new job so I can get back to writing, to what I love. Interview, interview, sweat, sweat. I found a new job! Oh gosh, am I ready for this job? I’ll buy a new car. Financing? Down payment? Stress, stress, stress. I bought a new car! I love my new car. My new car makes me feel grown up and mature and tall. Time to start the new job. Panic. Worry. Panic. Confidence? New job is awesome. So much to learn. I miss everyone at the old job and am enjoying meeting so many new and interesting people at the new job. So much changed–so much to handle. I can do it because I am a grownup {ha!}. When does my old apartment lease end? When do I move into the new place? How in the world am I going to move all of my stuff over there by myself?! I need a truck. I need a boy. Or two. Or three. I need to transfer the internet. Do we need cable? When do we get the keys? When are Torie and I going to clean? Oh my, oh my, oh my!


So, if you are keeping track, that is a lot of change for one person in such a small amount of time {especially for one who, usually, does not deal well with change}. Thank goodness it is all good and happy change! I hope you were all able to follow my jumble of thoughts. Thank you to everyone who has facilitated all of these wonderful changes and who have supported me in my grumpy moments. And a special thank you to Zune for allowing me to download unlimited soft, loud, sad, angry, slow, trendy, and off-beat songs for my playlists of which beats set the days’ tones.

The End.

And so it goes,

P.S. I hereby promise to get over my slump and blog more.

…and so it goes…


3 thoughts on “and so it goes

  1. I’m so proud of you and how you’ve handled all your changes. It makes life SO exciting, and you have many changes to come, and therefore SO much to look forward to! I am very excited for you and all your changes!!!

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