welcome to la-la-land

I’m a dreamer by nature, not nurture.

And even though every now and again, someone or something takes a metaphorical dump on my neon pink and flashing heart, a white daisy always manages to push up through the fertilizer and I am able to believe in a fairytale world once again. It is an emotionally draining process that I do not recommend to anyone, but for those of us who have this, as Jan calls it, “La-la Land Condition,” we have no choice but to find some really good, dependable friends and family members and live with our {permanent} occasional handicap.

In my old age, I strive, more than anything else, to be practical. Despite what the Disney movies taught me, dreaming does not get you very far. Practicality is my prayer, my ever-growing desire, the thing that I have tried so so hard over the years to teach myself, but the concrete never seems to dry.

After all of the mess of the last few months {moving, saying goodbye-for-now to a friend, dealing with cable companies and banks…} springtime in my heart is finally here and I can’t help it. It seems like everything around me inspires the dreamer within and I just can’t help but to be blissfully happy. Regardless of whether I am bored to tears or on the verge of actual tears, it is like I know that this tragedy will lead to my own personal fairytale ending, just like in the movies. {Ewww, I know, how pathetic am I?! I think I’m even grossing myslef out here.}

I hope I am not in for a rude awakening soon. P.S. Know that a lot of the “dump” material is actually just real world stuff that every normal person has to deal with, not so much tragedies, but hey, it can still bring a girl down!

For all of you solid, cool, practical people out there who don’t lead a life of peaks and valleys, here are some of the things that have been inspiring me of late:


Collin Hughes. I stumbled upon his tumblr the other day and have been inhaling his work ever since. I instantly fall in love with the people and places he photographs. Check it out here and here and probably a million other places that I am leaving out. 

This guy’s genius idea of a website. Tydepool posts the coolest finds from Amazon and Etsy for you to purchase. I’m serious, who woulen’t want…

{a pineapple ukulele}

{a canvas fanny pack}

{a (Baylor) bear bottle opener}

{flag suspenders}??!

Just look at the website. It is way better to see it there than here.

See, it’s the silly, simple things that make me so happy.

Oh, yes, and clothes! Pretty clothes are making my heart go thumpity-thump even though my wallet must stay safe under lock and key. Look how pretty this stuff is!

{you can find the gal who put all of these pretty pieces together at Wit & Delight}

And then there are the life slogans. I am a huge sucker for wisdom, wit, sarcasm, and a sassy saying. These are everywhere I look.

{so true}

{no, mom, i don’t live by this but i hear all the greats did! ;)}

{i think this one is especially for me}


And on top of all of this FUN, I have really good friends getting married this weekend and at least one per month from now until November, which is just joyful in and of itself. Love is in the air!!!!!!!

Oh and here I go getting myself all worked up.

Back to reality.

And so it goes,


One thought on “welcome to la-la-land

  1. Love this post, it made me laugh out loud! There couldn’t be a more accurate description of you, and that’s one of the things I love about you. Glad I’m around to bring you back to reality…ha!

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